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DG Civil Aviation Authority – CAA negates the issues of fake license holding Pakistani Pilots by writing a letter to Oman aviation’s head clarifying all the doubts. Whereas, Minister of Pakistan Aviation claims 262 pilots are holding dubious licenses.

Where It All Began?

It was after the PIA Airbus A320 crash that the Federal Minister of Aviation – Ghulam Sarwar drew the matter of ‘dubious licenses’ to everybody’s attention. According to him, he earlier wrote a letter to the CEO of Pakistan International Airlines with a list of 141 pilots that were to be grounded on the basis of fake credentials. Letters were also written to Air-Blue and Serene Air.

Pakistani Pilots In Hot Water!

This news of the Aviation Minister’s declaration that a total of 262 Pilots were suspects, broke out like a wildfire. And as a result, Aviation Authorities and Airlines of many countries; Malaysia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Turkey, UAE, and HongKong have suspended Pakistani pilots.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Also, the American Federal Aviation Administration has Rated Pakistani Pilots as ‘Category 2‘. This means that these pilots aren’t up to the standards of the International Aviation Organisation. Thus America from now on will not allow any Pakistani Pilot to fly in America.

However, in the press conference, Ghulam said that:

“28 other than these 262 pilots were confirmed to be ‘fake’ and are awaited to get their licenses terminated by Federal Government.”

CAA Writes Letter To Oman Aviation

CAA took notice and started investigating the matter. Then on Wednesday, Secretary Aviation and Director General at Pakistan CAA – Hasan Nasir Jami penned down a letter to Oman’s Public authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) – Mubarak Saleh Al-Ghailani. Oman Aviation, that is also a counterpart of license verification in this matter.

The letter highlighted the progress of the investigation process of all suspicious licenses holding Pakistani Pilots. It was revealed in the letter that all the pilots were cross-checked for dubious licenses and results show that the licenses were ‘verified and authentic’ as Hasan mentioned:

“It was crucial to clarify that all CPL/ATPL pilot licenses issued by Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) are genuine and validly issued.”

PIA pilots
Source: ARY News

Strict Action Taken by CAA

He further blamed the media and social media for wrongly apprehending the matter and portraying a bad image of Pakistan in front of the world. He wrote in his letter that:

“None of the Lincenses are fake, rather the matter has been miscontructed and incorrectly highligted in the media/social media.”

He mentioned that during the aviation authentication process all the licenses were checked and then tagged ‘Authentic’. However, there were some errors found in the procedure but the authorities are working on its removal. Hasan also added that a few computerized objections were seen too and those pilots with even the minutest amount of uncertainty, have been banned from flying.

A Massive Contradiction!

The statement of Hasan Nasir and Ghulam Sarwar are contradictory on some level. Ghulam Sarwar is pretty sure that the pilots hold bogus credentials in their tests for license issuance. However, Hasan is ascertained that the license issued isn’t bogus at all, as he wrote to the Oman Aviation.

If it is very clear that Hasan Nasir was talking about the foreign Pakistani pilots. However, Ghulam Sarwar has been pointing out Pakistani pil0ts operating in Pakistan in different airlines.  Such that in Chartered, Private, or other known Airlines.

The matter is still debatable and yet to be settled. However, it has already done so much loss to the Pakistan Aviation industry.


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