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Sinovac Biotech in Beijing is developing a vaccine for coronavirus. The Chinese company is using old school techniques to develop an inoculation for Novel COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is busy searching for new techniques to develop the vaccine to fight COVID-19. Sinovac believes that the techniques which we are using for a hundred years can help us again and effectively.

The company is using a similar technique to Edward Jenner. It anticipates that the human immune system will be trained by an inactive version of the Coronavirus, which will help distinguish it. Moreover, this will eliminate it from the body.

Furthermore, all over the world, over 200 COVID-19 vaccine developments are in process. Scientists are using all the different types of new technologies to develop an inoculation for COVID-19. On the contrary, Sinovac is using a very basic technique. They call it the “most successful” and think it’s more promising.

Successful Trials and Final stage

The Trials on Monkey (Rhesus Macaques) were very successful; reports were published last month in the peer-reviewed Academic Journal Science, accordingly.

However, the Stage II clinical trials are yet to be done. In this, the finalization of the effects of vaccines will be carried out on a larger population. Sinovac is hoping to conduct the stage III trials which will be the final trial in the UK.

Additionally, Helen Yang the Director of Investor Relations said,

We are in talks with several European Countries and did discuss it with UK as well. This is very initial stage to make any statement

Sinovac is very active in finding a vaccine for COVID-19 from day one. Furthermore, it is building a commercial vaccine production plant that will produce 100 Million doses of vaccines yearly. It has already received 15 Million in Funding.

Sinovac is hoping that “CoronaVac” will be successful. The company at the fore among China`s Vaccine candidates. They have already received the approvals for the Clinical stage.

Plus, no mRNA vaccines have been licensed for human use since ages and this method is being used by scientists to cure many diseases.

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