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The Mansehra District Administration (MDA) sealed 48 hotels in Shogran, Naran, and Kaghan after at least 47 COVID-19 cases came into the light at local hotels.

Reportedly on Sunday, the MDA sealed all tourist spots at Naran, Kaghan, Shogran due to the staff testing positive for COVID-19.

48 hotels including 22 main businesses and their respective branches were sealed, said the Mansehra Deputy Commissioner. Consequently, the infected patients were quarantined at the hotels.

He added, the local health department was tracing as to who had come into contact with the patients.

Hussain did not specify when the hotels would open but said they won’t be opening until the situation gets any better.

Meanwhile, The Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) wrote a letter to MDA on Sunday; To impose a ‘smart lockdown’ in order to steer clear of  COVID-19. The hotels and restaurants had reopened their business despite the seal and KDA lodged FIRs against them.

The letter stated,

The KDA authorized officer lodged a complaint at Police Post Naran for lodging FIRS but action is yet to be taken.

The letter added that if the business continue to operate, the virus might affect the tourists and they carry it back to their homes. The restaurants/hotels namely are Moon Restaurant, Cecil Hotel, and Mianmore hotel.

COVID-19 Cases Rise in KP Tourist Spots

The COVID-19 cases in KPK tourist spots have increased after the ease in the restrictions. Due to this, the authorities have started large-scale random testing on tourists.

According to the KP health department, COVID-19 cases have risen in 8 districts of Hazara division. The administrations have also a large-scale operation for the certainty of the implementation of SOPs.

A total of 372 new people tested positive from the Hazara division 12 days after the tourism resumed. However, there were 137 cases when the restrictions were at ease.

In the light of the lockdown, northern areas of the country recently experienced an extreme boom in tourism leading to the further spread of the pandemic.

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