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Pakistan has reported 441 more positive cases along with 18 deaths due to Covid-19 within the last 24 hours, Wednesday.

The National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) shared the latest statistics report of Covid-19 cases in Pakistan. Around 20,480 tests were performed in the last 24 hours, 441 cases confirmed resulting in raising the total number of confirmed cases to 296,590, as per the reports.

However, the nationwide mortalities has reached to 6,318. And, the total number of tests conducted so far are 2,662,508.

Provincial Reports on Covid-19 Cases

Sindh has reported 129,615 confirmed cases while Punjab reported 96,921.

The number of confirmed cases is 36,265 in KPK, 5,666 in Islamabad, 12,899 in Balochistan, 2,302, and 2,922 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan, respectively.

Moreover, 2,409 people died of the Novel COVID-19 in Sindh, 2,204 lost their lives in Punjab, 1,255 died in KPK. Also, Islamabad has confirmed 175 deaths, 141 deaths in Balochistan. 71 in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir has reported in 63 deaths.

Besides that, the number of recovered cases so far is 281,459 whereas 584 are in critical condition.

Japan Likely to Give Debt Relief to Pakistan

On Tuesday, the advisor to PM on Finance, Abdul Hafeez Shaikh said in a meeting,

Japan would provide debt relief to Pakistan to help the country stabilize its economy.

Furthermore, the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, Kuninori Matsuda briefed in a meeting that they would support Pakistan in every possible way to control the Pandemic situation.

Additionally, the representative stated that they would sign an official Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistan over the debt relief initiative.

Experts Concern Over Covid-19 Tests in Pakistan

Although the number of overall Covid-19 cases in Pakistan decreased significantly, still the experts have shown concern over the number of tests conducted so far.

Alongside this, Pakistan has not fully availed the testing capacity of 68,190. Now,  it is testing below the number of tests which global health experts have suggested.

According to the World Health Organization, Pakistan conducts tests only on patients with vivid symptoms while overlooking those with mild or no symptoms. Thus, the experts cautioned the government on over lifting the Lock-down all at once as it may result in another phase of the virus.

World on Covid-19

Meanwhile, 25,904,605 confirmed cases reported so far across the globe while the death toll reaches 861,271. Internationally, all governments have still imposed lockdown, terminated all flights, and insisted people to stay at home.

However, 18,196,508 people out of the 25.9 Million plus have recovered up till now.

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