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The Narendra Modi’s led government has imposed curfew in several areas of the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK). In anticipation of protests ahead of the first anniversary of India’s decision stripped the region of its special status. August 5 is the first anniversary of India’s controversial decision to revoke the disputed region’s semi-autonomy. Officials say the curfew is meant to prevent violence by groups planning to observe 5 August as “black day”.

Curfew in Indian-occupied Kashmir: an update!

According to reports, Srinagar administration imposed a curfew on Tuesday and it will enforce till Wednesday. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary, a civil administrator, said the security lockdown was imposed because of information about protests planned by anti-India groups to mark August 5 as a ‘black day’.

Curfew Kashmir
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Moreover, the Srinagar’s district magistrate said in public order:

“A series of inputs have been received suggesting that separatist and Pakistan-sponsored groups are planning to observe August 5 as Black Day and violent action or protests are not ruled out.”

Furthermore, officials say Police and CRPF personnel place in strength across the valley. In order to ensure that the plans of the separatists to disturb peace did not succeed. Besides, they said police vehicles, fitted with public address systems, went around localities announcing the imposition of strict curfew for two days. Whilst, government forces erected steel barricades and laid razor wire across roads, bridges, and intersections.

Moreover, The coronavirus related restrictions imposed from July 31 till August 5 have extended till August 8. While the Srinagar district magistrate issued an order and said any such mass gathering would also be detrimental to efforts related to COVID containment.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has said on 5 August it will observe the anniversary of Kashmir’s loss of autonomy as a “siege day” in solidarity with Kashmiris.

Curfew Kashmir
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Revocation of Article 370!

Last year on August 5, India revoked Article 370 from its constitution.  Article 370 granted special autonomy to IoK. Besides, it is paving the way for Indians to have the right to acquire property and settle there permanently.

However, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government took away Jammu & Kashmir state’s special privileges, provoking anger in the region and neighboring Pakistan. It also took away Jammu & Kashmir’s status as a state by creating two federally controlled territories, splitting off the thinly populated, Buddhist-dominated region of Ladakh.

Curfew Kashmir
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Meanwhile, after the August 5 decision, Indian authorities enforced an information blackout and a harsh security clampdown in Kashmir for months. The region witnessed protests and security forces often clashed with civilians.

Furthermore, India also detained several political leaders, many of who are still under house arrest. It includes former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti. It also imposed a curfew with a harsh security clampdown in Kashmir for months. Though it eased some restrictions, the life of the Kashmiris remains hard.

However, Jammu and Kashmir is India’s only Muslim-majority state. Whilst anti-India protests have been taking place in the region for decades. India and Pakistan both claim Kashmir in full but control only parts of it. The nuclear-armed neighbors have fought two wars over Kashmir. Whilst most recently clashing in a series of aerial attacks over the territory in February last year.

Earlier, PM Pakistan Imran Khan urges the United Nations and other leaders over the Indian illegal actions and violations of human rights in Kashmir.


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