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Disney is under criticism for shooting its film Mulan in the Xinjiang province of China. This is because the filming was done in areas where the government is violating human rights.

Activist Shawn Zhang wrote,

 How many thousands of Uighur were put into camps by Turpan Bureau of Public Security when filming Mulan there?

The live-action remake of Mulan was filmed in parts where 1 million people, mostly Muslim Uighurs have been forced into concentration camps. People are already demanding the boycott of the film after its lead actress supported the repression against Hong Kong protestors.

Subsequently, in the final credits of the 2020 Mulan, people noticed that Xingjiang i.e. the alleged detainer province had been mentioned as ‘Northwest China’.

Furthermore, people in Asian countries called for a boycott call against the film. They reasoned that the actress Liu Yifei of the Chinese indulged in hate speech by making supportive comments against ‘the brutality of Hong Kong Police’.

Violence Against Uighur Muslims

Conversely, Turpan has been operating ‘re-education’ camps. This is where China’s Uighur Muslims are confined. This was reported by Chinese expert Adrian Zenz to BBC.

Moreover, he added that Disney is accountable for the ‘publicity department’. In this state, propaganda supporting barbarians is being generated.

This became known when the Concentration Camp survivors ‘leaked documents and testimonies revealed the atrocities of the government. They have been severely punished, locked, and indoctrinated.

However, China has waived this off as ‘fake news’!

Mr. Zenz described Disney in regard to this as,

 An international corporation profiteering in the shadow of concentration camps

Alternatively, Disney is highly criticized for filming Mulan at the alleged site. Further action regarding the violation of human rights is expected to take place.

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