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At the beginning of the new decade 2021, let’s looks at Pakistan’s recent year trends like; gigantic impacted pandemic COVID-19 that hits globally at every walk of life. This pandemic changes the dynamic businesses. In this critical situation, there were many ongoing challenges associated with the organizations’ workforce; HR helped organizations to transform & restructured their functions to perform better.


In the Pakistani industry, Human Resource personnel’s faced many hurdles in terms of monitoring, digitalizing, work-life balancing, compensating, health, safety, and many more. HR personnel tackled them and cooped up with them, which directly or indirectly damage businesses due to COVID-19. Let’s discuss them one by one; first of all, digitizing is a massive drawback for a Pakistani local industry that they previously weren’t working with software or automation. About 70% to 80% did their entire HR activities manually apart from payroll before the pandemic. Whenever problems arise, they brought opportunities with them likewise; due to the COVID situation, HR personnel realized that they had to move on towards digitalization, making their work efficiently.


Then, the lockdown happened in the second quarter of 2020 “work from home” policy had imposed, which brought many issues related to monitoring; how to track record of employee performance, health & safety. To tackle the condition, HR initiates strategies to strictly follow all the SOPs implemented by the government within the organization, creating awareness & reduces their capacities from 100 % to 50%. Reducing capabilities means employees called at work on alternative days, which lowered their strength and maintained social distancing in the workplace. For old aged individuals, fully work from the Home policy implemented. With that “Work From Home” policy, there are some drawbacks that came across like; work distortion & low productivity due to environmental changes; for this HR, brought software and portals to keep track of work-life like a meeting, reporting & attendance. Now organizations compensate their employees with the help of software that creates ease and brings a promising trend in the local industry.


Companies’ trends move towards MBO (management by objectives) by both management and employees to maintain the best performance outcome. HR defined the goals to achieve them in the short-term, more defined and shrunk objectives revised as per the environmental change and requirement. Furthermore, for that purpose, every domain set their target & from managerial aspects’. It’s an easier way to monitor performance weekly or monthly to achieve the best outcomes.

Let’s examine the compensation trends of the organizations in Pakistan. Numerous organizations halt their operations due to the unpredictable impact of the first wave of COVID. It is evident that this act increased inflation and severely affected the company’s growth and profitability. To fight this situation, HR implemented a cost-cutting strategy by decreasing wages from higher to lower management staff, reduced incentives, and laid-off employees. On the other hand, huge and well-known companies motivated the employees and boosted their morale by offering COVID incentives, which eventually made employees productive and content. Sustainability was the primary objective for many organizations; therefore, instead of implementing the cost-cutting strategy, they focused on keeping their employees’ morale high and moving forward.


In the end, it can be concluded as this pandemic currently unsettled economic climate. Still, this uncertainty brought a lot of new opportunities, and highlighted the problematic areas that need attention & strategies accordingly. Human Resource Management must address these dynamics, gain a competitive edge & get prepared for a better future process.

Written by: Farzeen Aslam


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