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Federal Minister of Information Shibli Faraz lashes out Sindh Government on Karachi crises. While criticizing PPP’s Sindh government for supposedly politicizing the laborious issues of Karachi, Senator Faraz said,

Whenever a national affair appears, the party’s top management goes missing.

Ministers Over Karachi Crises:

Earlier, Sindh information minister Syed Nasir Hussain asked the federal government to pay 10 billion for the Karachi infrastructure. According to the minister, the Sindh government can’t afford to tackle the Karachi crises with the available funds.

However, the Federal Minister at a news conference speaks that we don’t have that many funds for the Karachi crises.

“Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah says that they needed $10 billion to improve the condition of Karachi. Firstly, we don’t have this much money. Secondly even if we had, we wouldn’t have given it to them because it would have ended up in pockets of their leaders,” Senator said.

Shibli Faraz further said that the PM wants a Pakistan in which the welfare of the people is the top priority. The Federal’s top precedence is lifting the poor from the poverty line. He added that we will take all the essential steps to revive the Karachi’s socioeconomic structure.

The minister says that the other parties are politicizing the situation following the serious conditions in the megacity.

Furthermore, He said that looking at all the things they were asking for, instead of giving useful advice and giving their own strategy, they sometimes announce the APC through their negative politics, which will not happen. He says that there is no use of APC because there is no unity among the parties.

Senator further said that the economy has reactivated and the signs are good.

Meanwhile, responding to Shibli Faraz’s comments, Sindh Information Minister said that leave “$10 billion”, just give us Sindh’s share of Rs162 billion under the NFC Awards. He criticizes that if there was a Nobel Prize for misleading the nation, the PTI government would get it.

Karachi Transformation Plan:

On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan directs that the “Karachi Transformation Plan” should be finalized this week in consultation with all officialdom. PM said,

 The development of the country is linked to the development of Karachi.

PM Imran expressed his views after Asad Umar gave a detailed briefing on the problems of the city, including water, drainage, solid waste management, and transport, and the proposed the Karachi Transformation Plan for the permanent solution of these problems.

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail, Chairman NDMA Lt. Gen. Muhammad Afzal, Maritime affairs minister Affairs Ali Zaidi, secretaries, and officials also presented at the meeting.

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