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The federal cabinet refused to share the Karachi relief funds directly to the Sindh government. Rather, the federal government itself will use the funds for the recovery of the affected areas of the province.

Thus, this decision has escalated the emerging tension between both the Federal and Sindh governments over the Karachi relief funds package.

The federal took the big decision in a cabinet meeting chaired by the PM. The cabinet further decided not to help flood victims through administrators.

In a press conference after the cabinet meeting, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said,

We are not going to give a penny to Sindh government unless they give us all the data of losses.

Karachi Relief Funds:

Earlier, the PM Imran Khan had visited Karachi last week. In the presence of CM Sindh, PM Khan unveiled the Rs. 110 billion packages at the Governor House for Karachi’s long-term issues. The package also includes a road-map of clean drinking water, cleaning of drains, and solid waste management.

Subsequently, the Sindh government’s Murtaza Wahab had said that Karachi is the country’s industrial centre and the central government has to play a vital role in reconstructing Karachi.

The Sindh government is sitting alongside the federal ministers with good intentions and is willing to collaborate to solve the mega-city’s issues on a sustainable basis. The Sindh government seeks the same reciprocity from the Centre – Murataza Wahab.

Political Scenario:

However, PPP Chairman Bilawal remarked that the Sindh government is contributing around Rs800 billion to the Rs1.1tr package for Karachi.

We welcome the Rs300 billion funding from the federal government for Karachi’s infrastructure development -Chairman PPP.

Following the statement by the chairman PPP, On Sunday, the federal minister Asad Umar held a press conference at Governor House along with MQM and other PTI leaders where no PPP representative was present.

The federal minister Asad Umar said that it is necessary to announce that the federal government is contributing 62% of the relief package. However, the other 38% would be contributed by Sindh.

The federal ministers Asad Umar and Shibli Faraz, further lashes out of Sindh Government on politicizing the issue. Shibli said,

 Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has a problem; it cannot calculate above 10pc.

On the other hand, Murtaza Wahab accused the central government of giving lollipop in the name of “Karachi Transformation Plan”.

In a statement, Murtaza Wahab claimed that out of Rs1.1 trillion allocated for KTP, the centre would provide only Rs362 billion while the remaining amount would be spent by the Sindh government.

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