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On September 7, Monday, India recorded a total of 4,251,587 confirmed cases of COVID-19 replacing Brazil as the second-worst affected country.

India is now nearly 112,330 COVID-19 cases ahead of Brazil. With the second-highest number of cases, it is short of 2,219,004 cases to cross the US.

With a total of 4,251,587 cases, 3,298,881 recoveries and 72,321 deaths, India currently has 880,385 active cases. Moreover, 8,944 people are in critical condition.

In September alone, 6,252 people have lost their lives due to COVID-19. Comparatively, however, India’s fatality rate is considerably lower. The average death rate around the world is 3.26%, whilst it is only 1.7% in India. On September 6, the death rate was 2.61%, whilst the recovery rate was 97.84%

Unfortunately, the growth rate is steadily rising. On September 7, 90,802 new cases were reported, while on September 6, 91,723 new cases and 1,008 new deaths were reported. Similarly, on September 5, 90,600 new cases and 1,044 new deaths were reported. On September 4, 84,156 new cases and 1,083 new deaths were reported. Whilst on September 3, 84,156 new cases and 1,083 new deaths were reported. On September 2, 82,860 new cases and 1,026 new deaths were reported.

The lowest number of cases reported this month has been September 1, with 78,169 new cases and 1,025 new deaths.

Experts say that,

There is no sign of a peak as cases surge in the world’s second-most populous country, both in major cities, such as New Delhi and the financial hub of Mumbai, and rural areas that have limited access to health services.

Lockdown in India

On 24 March 2020, the Government of PM Narendra Modi ordered a 21-day nationwide lockdown. Odisha (a state on the Bay of Bengal) and Punjab extended their lockdown to May 1. Shortly after, Telangana, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Karnataka did the same.

PM Modi followed in their footsteps and on April 14, he extended the nationwide lockdown till May 3, 2020. As the cases continued to surge, the Government of India on May 1, further increased the lockdown to May 17. 

However, on May 17, the situation was still not under control. Consequently, the NDMA decided to further extend the lockdown to May 31. Similarly, on May 30, the lockdown was extended to June 30.

Hence, in June the ‘Unlock Phases’ were launched by PM Modi. Unlock 1.0 was implemented in June, Unlock 2.0 in July, and similarly, Unlock 3.0 in August.

According to Elizabeth Puranam of Al-Jazeera in New Delhi,

Despite India recording more cases [daily basis] than any other country in the world, the easing of restrictions are set to continue

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