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An International Operational Audit Safety (IOAS) team is on-the-way to Pakistan in order to conduct a safety audit of various departments of Pakistan International Airline (PIA).

The purpose of the visit of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Operational Safety Audit team is to assess the airline’s aircraft and safety standards as it is going through various complications.

During the stay, from 7 to 12 September, the team will visit major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Islamabad to have a look at their airports, said the PIA spokesperson.

Further, the CEO of PIA -Retired Air Marshell Arshad Malik inspected different sites and ensured the proper arrangements. Also, the head of departments, engineers, flight safety department, and ramp services briefed him about the preparation details of the upcoming safety audit.

However, the CEO showed satisfaction over the preparations as well as directed CAA for some additional tasks.

IOAS Safety Audit

The International auditors will possibly access the Operational safety of PIA as the Minister of Aviation -Ghulam Khan said,

After the visit, the International restriction on PIA will be lifted.

Moreover, the Operational safety audit takes place every two years and took place in 2018 in Pakistan. However, IATA designed it for the first time in 2003 as an audit program to evaluate the operational management and control system of airlines.

On Wednesday, a body of Pilots requests PM Imran Khan to save PIA by replacing its office- bearer with the competent staff.

British Airways announced to resumes flights from Heathrow airport to Islamabad from September. They will make sure that the life of people traveling in PIA is not at stake.

EU Agency imposed a ban on PIA flights:

Earlier on 1st July, the Europian Union (EU) Aviation safety agency suspended PIA flights to operate in EU member countries to ensure people’s safety. Thus, PIA has faced a major loss of around 90 billion within two weeks due to the ban.

In addition, following the suspension of flights, Pakistan called back all employes working in Europe.

The ban happens as per the preliminary report, 260 pilots of PIA were holding a dubious license. Also, PIA has suffered a major plane crash in the last few years killing hundreds of innocent lives.

However, PIA is soon going to file an appeal against EU flight suspension.

Moreover, some of the PIA members showed concerns saying that PIA is going through dark times. Foreign airlines are getting a hold on Pakistani flights. Soon, there will be a time when all of our local routes will be in foreign hands.

But, this IOAS safety audit will help PIA in many ways.

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