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As the fourth spell of monsoon rain hit Karachi, it caused major damaged in Gulistan-e-Johar.

Gulistan-e-Johar being a relatively hilly area, became maximally saturated with water until it couldn’t anymore. According to the East SSP Sajjid sadozai report, no casualties has been reported but over 22 cars were buried under the landslide. Reportedly, 80 vehicles in total have sustained damages.

A landslide in Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Johar destroyed over 80 cars and motorbikes. The incident occurred when heavy rocks fell from the hills on the vehicles of Javed Hill View Apartments residents following heavy rain in the city.

The residential area had vehicles parked at the back of the apartment facing the hills. The incident occurred when heavy rocks fell from the hills on them due to heavy rain.

Thankfully, no persons were injured, but the locals are devastated as these losses will cost them millions of rupees.

Meanwhile, The Residents Have Been Relocated

SSP Sajjid Sadozai said,

Multiple bikes and cars parked there were damaged as a result of the landslide and the houses nearby have been vacated as a precautionary measure.

On further inquiry a resident Khalid Hussain, also the president of the union of Javed Hill View, said

There are at least 28 to 30 cars buried, including my own and there are about 70 flats in the area which are at risk.

He further said that the police and the rescue team have reached the place of an incident and an operation is underway.

While examining the area SHO Inayatullah Marwat stated that,

The removal of the debris would be carried out after the ongoing spell of rains came to an end, and the work had been deferred because there was still risk of a further landslide.


Moreover, rescue operations were ongoing but the torrential rainfall flooded the area. Hence, all such missions are on hold currently.

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