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Leaders of Sindh are facing immense criticism from the residents of Sindh for all the damage that they have caused over the years.

Uzair Baloch’s JIT Report

UB’s JIT report just added salt to people’s wounds causing them to denounce the leaders of Sindh for all the mess they created. His confession revealed that he was bribed by PPP to steal and commit murders for them. He also stated that he obtained party tickets for them, which caused them to win elections. PPP being the major political party of Sindh is receiving people’s wrath for their condemnable actions.

PIA Suspended

The PIA plane crash in Karachi’s Model Colony on May 22, 2020, sent their reputation down the drain. Then in June, PIA suspended licenses of 150 pilots after suspecting them for acquiring fake licenses. This was their final straw for some countries. Hence, on July 1, the European Union Air Safety Agency (EASA), and the USA on July 9, suspended all flight operations by PIA.

Rains in Sindh

The monsoon season is looming large over the horizon. Sporadic showers of rain have even hit some regions of Sindh. However, overflowing drainage, deaths, power outages, the formation of massive potholes is making it seem as though we’ve survived a hurricane. But people are more infuriated at the poor response of their leaders to fix these issues.

Leaders of Sindh
source: Dawn

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Panic in Larkana

Larkana is reportedly facing a shortage of Rabies vaccines, even though in 2019 alone they documented 29000 cases of dog bites. Additionally, mysterious abductions – like those of Aaquib Chandio and Shakeel Hyder – are spreading dread all over. Sewage water is collecting on the street, producing an intolerable stench, also making it difficult to drive and walk around.

source: www.app.com.pk

Corona Virus Cases

Unfortunately, Sindh was the first province of Pakistan to report that it has crossed 100,000 cases of COVID-19. The cases have been exponentially rising all over Pakistan, however, they have been most rapidly growing in Sindh with 1677 deaths. Some people are frustrated at the government for calling off the lockdown.

Power Shutdowns and Load-Shedding

There have been constant power outages and complaints of electricity fluctuations in Karachi. K-Electric responded by saying they will fix the issue within 2 days with the help of the Federal Government on June 27. However, multiple areas of Karachi like Garden, Bahadurabad are still reporting that they have no electricity for over 12 hours.

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Undoubtedly, Pakistan has had questionable political leaders previously, so they have a lot of hope riding on the current government. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the situation so much more adverse, thus, for the time being, we can only hope for a better future.

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