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According to NEOC, 32,100,802 children are vaccinated against poliovirus in 130 districts. The children under the age of 5 received Polio drops aka the OPV.

The National Emergency Operations Centre reports 225,000 trained vaccinators went door-to-door campaign. Additionally, Vitamin A supplements have also been provided to children between the ages of 59 months and 6 years. This campaign commenced on August 13.

The vaccinators received training for all sorts of situations. These ranged from harsh weather to patients diagnosed with COVID-19. In accordance, they were provided with masks, gloves and sanitizers for their safety.

The Coordinator of the Campaign, Dr Rana Mohammad Safdar stated,

We have succeeded in the polio coverage notwithstanding the challenge of COVID-19, scorching weather and heavy rain. Our brave workers worked hard to reach children across the country. Children also received Vitamin A supplements for strengthening the immune system for protection. Celebrities, intellectuals and religious leaders also supported us in the Polio eradication campaign.

A Polio Free Pakistan!

Dr Rana Mohammad Safdar further added,

There are other challenges to overcome. The analysis of the data of challenges helps us understand the problems associated with the campaign. It is also important to strengthen the immunity system to prevent the transmission of Polio among children. The immunisation is the foremost priority of this campaign. I’m confident we will make Pakistan free from Polio so that no children contracts Polio and gets paralysed for life.

The campaign started on a smaller scale in July. After analyzing the situation, it was conducted on a larger scale throughout the country. Considering the current result, the Polio Team is planning to conduct another campaign at a national and sub-national level between September and December.

All in all, despite the global pandemic, the campaign proved successful.

Poliovirus is a highly infectious disease primarily affecting children under the age of 5. It attacks the nervous system and can lead to permanent paralysis or even death.

Vaccination is the most effective way to get rid of this disease. There is no cure for Poliomyelitis except for vaccination.

Recently, inoculation against Poliomyelitis helped Africa become completely Polio free. Consequently, the disease is only prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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