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The World Health Organization said that a vaccine is the only key to eliminate COVID-19 from our lives, but “it won’t end the pandemic on its own”.

22.7 million people have been a victim of this deadly virus and have killed more than 794,200 people, as yet.

The Director-General of WHO Tedros Adhanom said that it took 2 years to eliminate the horrific pandemic in 1918 i.e. the Spanish Influenza.

Technology might help us eliminate this virus in the shortest time possible. However, the chances of spreading this virus are still very high. Moreover, a second spell is expected quite soon. Hence, the responsibility lies totally upon the shoulders of the individual countries to fight with this in their own capacities.

So we hope to finish this pandemic in less than two years, especially if we can pull efforts together and with national unity and global solidarity

According to WHO, 30 vaccines are under trials still they are not sure if they could be of any benefit to us.

Tedros further said every single person can make a difference. It is not a one-man responsibility to provide the vaccine. But the world needs to practice the basics of public health and disease control, simultaneously.

Learning to Live With the Virus

The Head of WHO Emerging Diseases Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove said that it is very important for the world to learn “to live with this virus.” We are in a dire need to implement social distancing in areas or the chances of transmission become very high. Furthermore, we need a positive approach to cope with similar outbreaks in the near future.

Countries like Australia, France, Spain are hit hard by the virus after getting control over it once. So not only are second waves possible, they are expected to be more deadly.

Hence, the fear of pandemic should enhance the observation of SOPs. Lastly, people should avoid going to densely crowded places altogether.

Tedros Adhanom further said,

Every single person can make a difference. Every person, family, community and nation must make their own decisions, based on the level of risk where they live. We will not-we cannot-go back to the way things were.

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