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Shahid Khan is a Pakistani-American businessman with a total net worth of $7.8 billion. He has become the 66th richest man in the United States of America this year.

Notably, Jeff Bezos maintains his top spot for the third time consecutively. The Amazon CEO’s total worth is $179 billion, as per Forbes. But the latest reports in the United States indicate that Bezos’ worth has crossed the $200 billion mark.

Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates, ranks second in Forbes’ list of the richest man in the United States 2020. Bill Gates’ worth is around $111 billion. The third in the list is Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zukerberg. His worth is approximately $85 billion, as per reports.

Forbes published its list of 400 richest men in United States 2020, on Tuesday. As per the report, Elon Musk is the biggest profiter in terms of percentage this year.

The Tesla founder has grown by a massive 242% in terms of wealth from the past year. He jumped from number 23 in 2019 to number 7 in this year’s list of the richest man in the United States.

According to Forbes, they collected the wealth records until July 24, 2020. At that time, Tesla’s stock had risen astronomically to 520%. This benefited Musk is adding over $48 billion to his wealth. He is worth around $68 billion, as per this list.

Shahid Khan and his Businesses

Shahid Khan is the only Pakistani to make into this list. He came to the US when he was just 16. At that time, he had only $500 and a plane ticket. Khan is an engineer by trade.

In 1980, Khan bought the auto parts supplier Flex-N-Gate. The reason for his success was his design for a one-piece truck bumper. Shahid Khan became a billionaire at Flex-N-Gate. Khan’s company has now 64 plants running globally. Currently, 24,000 employees are working for Khan.

Shahid Khan has been active in the sports circuit. In 2012, Khan bought an NFL team, Jacksonville Jaguars. The UK Premier League’s Fulham football club is also under the ownership of Khan since 2013.

In 2019, Khan, along with his son, launched All Elite Wrestling. The first weekly show of this wrestling event was broadcasted in October 2019. They also had a contract extension with WarnerMedia in January, this year.

Moreover, Shahid Khan is also a major financial backer of the Black News Channel. It is a 24/7 cable news channel which was launched in February 2020.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump has seen a decline in his rankings in this list. He is standing at the 275th spot on this list. He has been falling in these rankings since he became the President.

According to Forbes, even the coronavirus pandemic was not an obstacle for the richest men of the United States. Forbes reports a nearly 8% increase in the net collective wealth of these people, which currently is $3.2 trillion.

Forbes observes that,

They[400 richest men] added $240bn to their coffers in this pandemic year, aided by a stock market that has defied the virus.

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