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Along with the world, Pakistani artists are also paying tributes to the late Marvel star -Chadwick Boseman.

After the tragic demise of Boseman’s death, his fans from all around the world are remembering and sharing his memories through social media platforms.

Boseman was fighting a silent battle with colon cancer which later on became the cause of his death at the age of 43. However, his fans will not let him die in their hearts.

Among a number of special tributes from the late actor’s fans, the tributes of two Pakistani artists grabbed the major attention of the people.

Sibghatullah’s tribute:

Sibghatullah’s tribute was the first one in which he remarked the late Chadwick Boseman and said,

He was a true King and a great warrior. He was struggling with cancer, but still fought bravely and gave us some brilliant films which we will never forget. You will always be remembered as a great warrior. Rest in power, King!

Chadwick Boseman
Source: tribune.com.pk

While talking about his artwork, Sibghatullah said the technique he has used to draw Black Panther is called the ‘Scribbling Technique’. He further said that he loves to draw in this particular style as it has no boundaries, and he can play with lines without any limit and can create beautiful images locked inside his head.

The young artist spoke about art and passion, saying that he always wanted to have a job that he loves and art was the answer. It is his passion since he was a child, and he has always followed his passion. He added,

Believe me or not, Art works like therapy!

Areesh Imran’s tribute to the late Boseman:

Areesh Imran -a 17-year-old artist tributed the late actor by making a hand-made embroidered portrayal of Boseman. It is an amazing one that stands out among the other tributes to the late Boseman as many people appreciate Imran for her amazing art piece on Twitter.

Chadwick Boseman
source: tribune.com.pk

About the late actor, Imran shared her thoughts saying,

I can’t put into words how much Black Panther as a film meant to me. The visuals, the actors, the engaging story really made it the best superhero film I’ve seen to date. Chadwick Boseman and the character he played was an inspiration to millions. For the longest time, I fantasised about meeting him one day. Hope it is easier for him now. May he rest in power.

Although Boseman’s death is a great loss to the media industry, yet history will remember Boseman as a symbol of strength. Also, the amount of courage and tolerance he showed throughout his life will become the source of strength for others for sure.

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