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Pentagon on Tuesday. Raised its concerns in a report on China expecting to double the number of its nuclear arsenal over the next decade from the low 200s. Reaching the ability to launch nuclear strikes by land, air, and sea capacity called Triad.

pentagon: China to double its nuclear arsenal
Source: msn.com

According to the Pentagon report,

Over the next decade, China’s nuclear warhead stockpile, currently estimated to be in the low- 200s. Is expected to at least double in size as China expands and modernizes its nuclear forces.

Furthermore adding,

China is pursuing a ‘Nuclear Triad’ with the development of a nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile. Along with improving its ground and sea-based nuclear capabilities.

The report says, that the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed or become parallel to the United States military in several areas. It inferred that China has made big developments in shipbuilding, the development of ballistic and cruise missiles as well as integrated air defense systems.

China’s nuclear forces will significantly evolve over the next decade. As it modernizes, diversifies, and increases the number of its land, sea, and air-based nuclear delivery platforms.

The possible prospect of the intervention of the United States on behalf of Taiwan made PLA focused on conducting the joint operation, the report says.

The report came amid the rising tensions between China and the United Staes. Over a series of issues, including Chinese military activities in the South China Sea and US-support to Taiwan. China remains in target during Donald Trump’s five year period in the Oval office. Now for the upcoming presidential election, President Trump is ready to take an aggressive stance over Beijing.

New Start Treaty

Trump”s administration has long sought to include China trilateral in negotiations to extend New Start, a U.S.-Russian nuclear arms treaty, but China resisted. The New Start treaty, signed in 2010, by U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Limits each country to no more than 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads and 700 deployed missiles and bombers.

China takes a stance on the United States’ invitation that it has no interest in joining the negotiations because China’s nuclear arsenal is 20 times less than that of the United States.

Despite China’s rapidly growing warheads, it remains a fraction compared to the overall stockpile of Russia and the United States. According to the Federation of American Scientists, the United States has 3,800 whereas Russia has roughly 4,300 nuclear warheads stockpiled.











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