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Severe anxiety or panic due to losing a smartphone might be linked to Obsessive-Compulsion, a study about phone addiction published in Computers in Human Behavior Reports claims.

Psychologists say that the uncomfortable feeling of losing a phone is the same as losing a limb or meeting a fatal accident. In today’s world, people have become so addicted to their mobile phones that they cannot imagine losing them. Psychologists have termed this as Nomophobia i.e. the fear of being away from the one’s smartphone.

Moreover, the inclination to use a mobile phone or to constantly check one’s notifications or double-checking one’s device is the main trait of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Thus, the Psychologists delineate that the more people fear being away from a phone, the more it fuels obsessive-compulsion.

Severe anxiety and panic due to losing smartphone might be linked with Obsessive-Compulsive, a study of Computers in Human Behavior Reports.
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This study was proposed to evaluate psychopathological symptoms like obsession-compulsion and anxiety in people while being away from their mobile phones. Subsequently, it summarizes that adolescents use phones for more than 4 to 7 hours a day, mostly for interacting purposes.

Furthermore, it states that stress doubles proportionately with the usage of mobile phones. Adults feel irritation, agitation, and immense frustration for using mobile phones beyond a certain extent.

Additionally, Nomophobia is not gender-biased.

Smart-Phones Cannot be a Stress Management Tool

According to a professor at Ohio University-Corea,

The normal use of a mobile phone is beneficial for a human brain, either video chatting or doing other things. Also, most of the people see mobile phones as their stress management tools.

In addition, the study highlighted that this kind of behavior can induce more anxiety in a person and could make them feel restless and aggressive. Thus, this behavior is not healthy in any circumstance and needs to be ended.

On the whole, people need to get rid of their phone addiction as soon as possible. Otherwise, this dependency might cause chronic issues later.

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