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In August, PIA dismissed 74 additional employees with controversial histories during the accountability process to sustain of the Air force.

According to the Human Resource department of PIA, employees were laid off because of malversation. This included counterfeit education certificates, negligence of duty, theft of legal documents, bribery, and smuggling.

Moreover, the Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan stated that,

The accountability process is being brought to a logical conclusion as soon as possible so that the institution can be cleansed of black sheep.

He continued and said,

Negligence and criminal elements have9 no place in the PIA and action against them is a key part of the reform process.

The PIA Accountability Process

During the accountability process, authorities have discharge 177 employees, in the past 3 months alone. 41 employees in June, 62 in the month of July, while in August 74 employees have been discharged.

Moreover, the HRM department of PIA released figures declaring that 27 employees have a counterfeit degree, whilst 6 employees violated the SOPs.

Additionally, 4 employees damaged property, 1 employee was involved in drug trafficking, 3 of them in theft legal documents, 2 employees were involved in illegal activities. In contrast to that, the others were discharged on accounts of unauthorized activities.

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan elaborated on the aspects surrounding the accountability process in the parliament. He said one-third of the pilots i.e. 434 out of a total 860 have been discharged, as yet. As revealed by scrutiny, these pilots possessed pirated licenses.

Last month, the Federal cabinet handed out appreciation credentials to 17 pilots, whilst 5 were given monetary rewards.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan further proclaimed that the pilots with the alleged pirate licenses will undergo criminal proceedings. The government can not put the lives of the citizens at risk, anymore.

A PIA spokesperson said,

Negligence and criminal elements have no place in the PIA and action against them is a key part of the PIA reform process

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