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PM Imran Khan on September 9, took a significant decision of adding 88 new posts into the PAS group, as part of the ongoing bureaucratic reforms.

Moreover, the decision has been taken to boost the promotion prospects of SG. The policy decision would mean an addition of 15 posts for BS-21, 29 posts for BS-20, and 44 posts for BS-19.

Notably, the decision will not affect the strength of any occupational group of the executive cadre. Furthermore, this will bring in the much needed technical resource in the policy-making of the federal government.

The report said that the CSP rules, 1954 provided for the induction of PCS or PMS officers in PAS after the amendments in 2014. Also, the decision will provide an opportunity for PMS candidates. This step is likely to strengthen the Federation as provincial officers will now also form part of an All Pakistan Service and would serve the entire length and breadth of the country. Unlike, the older days, when a PMS officer has to perform only in his respective province. The cabinet will further discuss the new rules.

Promotions in the Secretariat Group had been on a standstill since 2015. However, the PM has taken the initiative which will promote the BPS – 17 and BPS – 18 officers.

PAS and SG Groups

Office Management and Secretariat Group (OMG) is a dynamic and broad-based cadre. A specialized pre-service training program enables new candidates with basic administrative skills and some compulsory courses. The courses provide exposure of not only the Federal Secretariat, the apex decision-making body, but of various other field departments and organizations including Pakistani missions abroad. It additionally imparts them with the necessary breadth of vision and experience to serve their country better at a senior position.

PAS is one of the most powerful groups of the executive cadre of Pakistan. The groups were separated by the 2014 act. In some provinces, it is still the same as allowed by the 1964 West Pakistan civil service act.

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