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PM Imran Khan replaced the 5th IG police of Punjab Shoaib Dastagir with CCPO Lahore Umar Shaikh. Imran Khan recently promoted Umar Shaikh to a Category C Officer.

Hence, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) submitted a report to the Central Selection Committee (CSB) on Umar Shaikh. According to the report, Officer Umar’s reputation is ignominious and ‘tainted’ in his respective department.

PM Imran Khan acted upon the suggestion of Umar Shaikh by the Central Selection Board. He fully supported the officer until he was suspended earlier by the CSB recommendation.

Officers with such tainted reputation not only managed to manoeuvre the official processes to get important positions but also remained unscathed by subjective evaluation system.

Establishment Division informed Umar Shaikh on June 15 that the Prime Minister had suspended him by the recommendation of  CSB. Hence, he was not promoted to grade BS-21.

Whilst the unusual police standoff continues, as IGP Shoaib Dastagir said he would not ignore the claims of  CCPO about him after his selection as the Lahore Police chief. He further said this is an intolerant issue of misconduct.

Previously, the CCPO expressed their disappointment over the appointment of Umar Shaikh.

Imran Khan Defends a Corrupt Police Officer
Source: The News International

According to sources, the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar appointed Umar Shaikh against the contest of Shoaib Dastagir. Moreover, the designation of Umar Shaikh was a political reflection. Also, the CCPO’s action against the Lahore IG created a question mark on the entire police administration.

PM Imran Khan Approved The Minutes of  The CSB

According to the minutes approved by Prime minister Imran Khan,

The training reports highlighted that the officer (Umar Shaikh) had limited understanding pertaining to rules and procedure of the inter-departmental linkages and the officer had the tendency to lapse into non-seriousness. Further, the PERs (ACR reports) of the officer for the year 2014 and 2015 were downgraded from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Good’ by the countersigning officer meaning thereby that the officer could not satisfy his seniors with regard to delivery of services and in shouldering challenging assignments. The Board also observed that officers with such tainted reputation not only managed to manoeuvre the official processes to get important positions but also remained unscathed by the subjective evaluation system.

The minutes further added,

The Board considered Rules 14(1) of the Civil Servants Promotion (BS-18 to BS-21) Rules 2019 which defined posts in BPS-19 to 21 as Selection posts. Section 9(2) of the Civil Servants Act, 1973, provided that selection to such posts shall be made on the basis of merit. Further, Supreme Court of Pakistan vide its judgment dated 11.10.2002 in Civil Appeal No. 1599 to 1606/1999 had observed that ‘no civil servant can ask for promotion as a right’. Subsequent to discussion, the Board collectively judged the officer to be of category C and decided to recommend the officer for supersession, in line with Rule 8(a) of Civil Servants Promotion (BS-18 to BS-21) Rules 2019, as he failed to meet the required thrashed of 75 marks.

The proceedings further read,

The officer and mentioned that he did not enjoy good reputation in terms of integrity and professionalism. He also suffered from personality issues which vacillated between very soft to very harsh thus affecting public opinion regarding police service.

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