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The power division and Nepra decided to take measures against the poor performance of K-Electric as per the directives of the Supreme Court.

After the torrential rains in the city, K-Electric was unable to restore electricity. Thus, it prompted the regulatory body to take action to put KE affairs in order.

The power division and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) arranged several meetings. They discussed the current situation of power supply in Karachi. Also, they have devised coordinated actions that can be taken under the law, the sources said.

The Federal Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on power Shahzad Qasim, Power Secretary Omar Rasool, and top officials of NEPRA were there to attend the meetings.

Power division and Nepra
source: pakistantoday.com.pk

In these happenings, K-Electric is also going to convene a board of directors meeting on Monday.

According to the sources, Mr. Qasim along with Additional Secretary of Power and Director on the KE board -Waseem Mukhtar, will be there in Karachi to meet the company’s management, upon the special instruction of the Prime Minister.

Separately in another statement, Nepra said,

We had taken serious notice of deaths due to electrocution occurred in Karachi during the recent rain spells in the months of July and August 2020.

Adding to this the regulatory body remarked that it had also appointed an investigation committee. The committee will be headed to Karachi and conduct an investigation against K-Electric to ascertain the facts and possible violations of Nepra laws.

The investigation committee after completing the investigation shall submit a detailed report to the authority for further appropriate action in accordance with law- Nepra.

Supreme Court Remarks:

The supreme court gave remarks over the performance of all three stakeholders — the power division, Nepra, and the KE. The court asked K-Electric that being a private company, why it needs government assistance to ensure power supply. Additionally, the court had asked the K-Electric to use its own resources.

Adding to this, Apex Court also questioned Nepra about the implementation of Section 26 of the Nepra Act. The court remarked that it had not seen any impediment to give effect to the related law besides determination.

Moreover, the Apex court gave an assurance that If Nepra takes any action under the given law, then it would not be hampered by any court, either by the issuance of any injunctive order or any writ.

The court ordered,

The authority, after making the determination within a month, will file a report before this court.

The Apex court shows its displeasure over the weak coordination between power division and Nepra. It also questioned the government’s writ in the concerned matter.

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