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PPP additional information secretary says that the stance of the Foreign Office of Pakistan is more or less the same as their way of handling governmental issues. Senator Moula Bux Chandio further says that the PTI’s government is shifting the blame on the FO.

“The failure of Foreign Office (FO) over the Kashmir issue is tantamount to the failure of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s government.”, Mr. Chandio further said.

Moreover, Senator Chandio of PPP refers to the recent statement of Dr. Shireen Mazari, Minister of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, where she rebukes FO over Kashmir. Senator Chandio also criticizes the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood on their way of the handling of core issues.

“The foreign minister [Shah Mehmood Qureshi] considers himself a champion of diplomacy. He should now respond to criticism of his fellow minister,” Chandio says.

He further questions,“Should Qureshi remain at the helm of the FO even after the admitted failure of the Kashmir policy?”

Source: theworldtimes.com

FO policy on Kashmir :

Earlier, Dr. Shireen Mazari Minister for Human Rights on Saturday lambasted the FO in failing to deliver government and PM Imran Khan’s narrative on Kashmir. Dr. Mazari added that FO let down the PTI’s and government’s effort for the Kashmir cause. Mazari said that no matter the world’s politics and scenarios, had the Foreign Office taken action, the world would certainly have paid attention to Pakistan on the disputed issue.

“If the Foreign Office had carried forward the prime minister’s narrative, the situation would have been vastly different today,” Dr. Shireen Mazari.

“But our diplomats chose leisure hotel stays, dressing in three-piece suits and heavily starched clothes and speaking over the telephone. The Kashmiri struggle is a just struggle. Indian occupation forces are using the debasement of women as a political tool,” Dr. Mazari added.

PPP at Annexation of Karachi:

Moreover, PPP Sindh region president Nisar Khuhro has announced that PPP will protests statewide on Aug 19 over Karachi’s issues and federal government’s plan to bring the Karachi under its control.

Besides, Mr. Khuhro said that the indications from the center to take over administrative control of Karachi were the same as breaking up Sindh. He said that any involvement by the central government in the province would be considered unconstitutional and illegal. He further added that people of Sindh would not permit anything against the province and would not hesitate about their life if such an action implemented.

“People of Sindh will resist any such attempt the way they had foiled the conspiracy to build Kalabagh dam,”Nisar Khuhro further added.

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