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Russia has released the first batch of Covid-19 Vaccine “Sputnik V” for the mass distribution on Tuesday this week.

The Russian Health Ministry registered the Covid-19 Vaccine “Sputnik V” on August 11. Also, the Laboratories of Roszdravnadzor (medical supervisory body) has examined the Sputnik V and approved it for the general public.

According to the Russian Health Ministry, the first group of “GAM-COVID-VAC” Vaccine against the novel coronavirus has qualified the crucial quality control trials.

However, Sputnik V, developed by Gamaleya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology and Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), is currently available on a domestic level.

Further, the Russian Health Ministry is planning to supply the Vaccine against Covid-19 Vaccine to regions across the country by the next month.

Scientists Raise Concerns Over Russia’s Vaccine

Even though, the scientists has shown concerns over the insufficient information released by the Russian government.

President Vladimir Putin stated that the said Vaccine Sputnik V develops persisted protection against the novel Covid-19. President Putin’s own daughters has been vaccinated, he added.

Medicinal Institutes have decided to reschedule the Covid-19 Vaccine registration unless it completes its 3rd phase of the clinical test. Besides that, the polling agency conducted a survey over Doctors. It showed that about half of the overall numbers have doubts about it.

But, the Gamaleya Research Center and Binnopharm Pharmas have already begun to produce the Sputnik V Vaccine.

Russia Requires 80 Million Doses of Vaccine

According to the Russian Government, the Vaccine required to cover the whole Russian population will take almost one year to complete.

As per the Gamaleya Institute appraisal, they will require 80 million dosages to accomplish immunity on a huge level. For that purpose, 40,000 volunteers required for stage 3 tests and 10,000 will collect samples. Russia has reported over 1 million total cases so far out of which 18,000 died.

Moreover, the countries including India, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Philippines, Brazil and Mexico have shown their interest for the procurement of the Vaccine. Russia has a plan to manufacture 200 million dosages until the end of this year.

However, Russia had began their COVID-19 Vaccine trials in the last week of August. They also received a lot of criticism from WHO and the international scientists for not sharing details about Sputnik V.

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