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Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed held a conference at the Pakistan Railways headquarters.

At the meeting, he discussed some major problems regarding the development of the country. He answered many key questions of journalists with assurance and claims.

SMQ’s Statement on Saudi Arabia

An important question was raised about Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and his statement. Earlier, he said,

“We cannot stay silent anymore on the sufferings of the Kashmirs.”

He even said that the government will move forward for the Kashmir’s rights. Moreover, they would take an action ‘with or without’ Saudi Arabia’s assistance.

Resultantly, Sheikh Rasheed responded with,

“I have been the minister for 14 ministries to present and Qureshi’s statement could be avoided. Prime Minister, Imran Khan should question about his statements.”

He further asked about the fluctuating prices of wheat and sugarcane. The public has to pay Rs.75 and Rs. 90 of per kg of wheat and sugarcane, respectively.

The minister also said that the government had made a plan to import both wheat and sugar. Meanwhile, they will reintroduce subsidised prices.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan was well-informed about the price inflation of wheat and sugar.He is also very concerned about this sensitive issue.That is why the government has decided to import these two crops. The government will give subsidy to the people in this regard.”

Usman Buzdar Under Scrutiny

Sheikh Rashid explained the situation of Usman Khan Buzdar who is the current Chief Minister of Punjab. Buzdar was summoned by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for allegedly issuing illegal liquor. He highlighted that corruption was a serious matter which could never be avoided.

When asked about cases related to Buzdar’s dishonesty in different sectors, he replied,

“Anyone can be called by NAB on the basis of complaints made by people.That’s not necessarily means that they are guilty.

He further added that the Prime Minister was already declared “Sadiq (truthful) and Amin(trustworthy)” by the Supreme Court. Additionally, Sheikh ensured that there was no place for Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif in the field of politics. He already talked about this matter in the past. Moreover, he discussed his plans for the Railways in details.

He said,

“We are planning to open 10 trains on 16 of August which includes Badar Express.Badar express is now plan to travel from Faisalabad instead of Multan.

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