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The Sindh government issues Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and guidelines as the educational institutes are going to reopen across the country after the pandemic.

Sindh is preparing before the final decision regarding the reopening of schools. The Sindh education department’s Committee held a meeting, headed by Saeed Ghani. They discussed the reopening of schools as well as reviewed suggestions for the implementation of SOPs.

The Sindh Education Minister said,

The situation of the pandemic has improved a lot- Saeed Ghani

Earlier, the educational ministry planned to re-open schools from September 15. However, the final decision will be taken after a meeting of the education ministry on September 7.

Sindh Government’s views and preparation

Saeed Ghani said that the Sindh Government has already finalized SOPs and prepared some recommendations to discuss with the education ministers in the meeting.

Moreover, He revealed that the Sindh government believes that all institutes should not be opened at once. The Sindh government is of the view that educational institutes should rather open at “different intervals”. He said,

We recommend that classes of grade 9 and above should resume from September 15. Primary classes to grade 5 should resume from September 28, and classes between 6 to 8 should resume from September 21.

Besides that, Ghani warns the schools against the reopening before the date agreed by the provincial and federal governments saying,

The act of opening schools before the agreed date shall be treated as against the law.

However, he was keen on giving schools the time to implement the SOPs saying,

We are ready to grant more time to schools, if needed, to implement the recommended SOPs

Ghani added that after the meeting of NCOC on September 7, they will reveal the final decision on the reopening of schools.

The minister further added that they will announce the results of grade 9 on September 15, whereas, students of grades 11 and 12 will receive their result on September 30.

Students can collect their mark sheets from their institutes one week after the announcemnet of their results – Ghani

Shafqat Mehmood denounces the fake news

On the other hand, the current federal education minister –Shafqat Mehmood denounces the ‘false news’ of schools remaining closed till October.

Fake accounts of my name are spreading misleading news that is not true. The meeting on September 7th will likely decide when to reopen schools – Shafqat Mehmood

Moreover, Mehmood told that the schools will most likely reopen in a ‘phased manner’.

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