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Stocks shed as a sequence of the announcement made by the Supreme Court which declared that corporate in the state’s exchequer will have to pay the Gas Infrastructure Development Cess (GIDC).

The index got a downfall by 575 points within a day. However, it recovered greatly with the support of exploration and production, Oil and gas marketing companies, and stock exchange. But the benchmark closed with a loss of 182 points (0.50%) at 40,473.

Furthermore, due to the involvement of the huge GIDC payment of Rs.457 billion over two years, anxious investors started to reject shares mainly in the sectors worst impacted by it. Also, the market which had started on a positive note with gains of 70 points, went around full circle as the shares fell like duckpins.

Stocks shed
Source: dawn

Other stocks details:

Fertilizer, cement, and banking stocks received a severe beating. Investors also opposed to holding on to their portfolio with a three-day holiday ahead. The volume declined 6% over the earlier day to 556 million shares, from 591m while the traded value fell 14% to reach $115.2m.

Again it was noticed that foreigners turn net buyers for the third day in a row with net purchases worth $2m. Most institutions and individuals worked as sellers, but mutual funds cherry-picked blue chips which at midday pushed forward the index in the positive direction to an intraday high of 91 points.

The sectors that contribute to the unfortunate activity were fertilizer lower by 201 points, textile and banks by 19 points each, and investment bank by 27 points. Major movers were Cement and E&P. Earlier Maple leaf. Pioneer and Cherat gained values and then later on as international crude prices were on the rise

Stocks shed
Source: Dawn

Moreover, as the international crude prices were on the rise, the Oil and Gas Development Company, Pakistan Oilfields, and Pakistan Petroleum closed in the green zone. But, Fauji Fertiliser, Engro Corporation, Engro Fertilizer, Dawood Hercules, Habib Bank, and MCB were the main losers among finance.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Market:

Pakistan Stock Exchange is a stock exchange company with floor trading in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Moreover, PSX renamed as an MSCI Emerging Market in May 2017. And the FTSE classifies PSX as a Secondary Emerging Market.

According to the July 2020 reports, the market price of the Pakistan Stock Exchange was ₨7.07031 trillion (US$43 billion). Additionally, Farrukh H.Khan was the CEO of it with its headquarter in Karachi.

Stocks shed
Source: Economy.

Stock is a share in the ownership of a company that represents a claim on the company’s assets and earnings. The stock prices keep changing and may vary as market rise and falls. Similarly, when you legally own a part of shares of stock in any company, it makes you a stockholder.


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