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The collapse of the billboard near Karachi Metropole Chowrangi resulted in the Supreme Court ordering the authorized persons to remove all the billboards.

The CJP found out that these billboards are illegally installed on public and private property for promotion. After a billboard took a nosedive near Metropole Chowrangi in Karachi -injuring two motorcyclists- an FIR was filed against Wazir Ali. He is the Advertising Director of the District Municipal Corporation South Karachi, and he went against the SC’s order regarding putting billboards up.

In October 2018, Chief Justice Saqib Nisar of the Supreme Court ordered the removal of billboards all over Pakistan. However, not only was this legislation violated but it also had detrimental consequences.

Supreme Court
Source: Gulf News

Moreover, the media showed the video of the billboard falling over and over again. Soon everyone was talking about this horrific incident. Consequently, an FIR was filed against the District Municipal Corporation and they are required to cover all medical expenses of the wounded.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed became outraged at the occurrence of this incident. As a result, he said, 

“Who gives the permission to advertisers to install these billboards?”

Additionally, the CJP Gulzar Ahmed ordered the commissioner to take action against this infringement.

He added that all the people who broke the 2018 law are under observation. Even back in 2019, this law was disobeyed, and resultantly multiple billboards across Karachi were taken down. He demanded the responsible authorities to take accountability. 

“If the Karachi mayor did not have authority, he should go home and vacate the seat.”

 CJP Gulzar Ahmed further commented,

” Everyone is ruining Karachi.”

DMC Employees Face Suspension

Advertising Director Wazir Ali, Assistant Director Muhammad Siddique, and two other DMC employees underwent a suspension.

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