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On Tuesday, 11 August 2020, at the Supreme court our Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, said that Karachi should not face another electric breakdown for even a minute.

Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed exhibited his anger regarding the problem of unlimited power breakdowns in Karachi.

The Chief Executive Officer of K-Electric Moonis Alvi and Chairman Tauseef Farooqi of National Electric Power Regulatory Authority ( NEPRA), also appeared in court.

Power Outages in Karachi

Karachi -the so-called city of light-  is facing a massive electric crisis for a few years now. However, this problem has aggravated recently, during the heavy rainfalls.

People of Karachi registered several complaints against the power outages and K-Electric. Some of the areas of Karachi faced the darkness for days.

The CJP took action and called the concerned authorities at the Supreme Court, and handed over the state of affairs to them.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan is Infuriated

The CJP Gulzar Ahmed demanded to know the main reason behind these prolonged power breakdowns.

Abid Zubair -a member of the KE council- reasoned that it was a consequence of power theft.

However, the CJP countered with why had they not yet caught the ones involved in the criminal activity.

“Have you come here to tell me that load-shedding is happening due to theft, I don’t want to hear this excuse again!” 

The CJP even questioned NEPRA that why they had still not taken any steps against it. But according to NEPRA chairman, the authority did take an action against KE. They levied them with a 50 million Rupee fine but they have obtained a “stay order” from a judiciary. Hence, the CJP ordered NEPRA to revoke their license if this continued to happen.

In contrast to that, CJP issued a warning to KE that they should better take this matter more seriously. Or else the next prodigious electric breakdown would only occur at KE itself and houses of KE officials.

KE CEO Moonis Alvi while answering to the CJP, said that they had invested Rs2.5 billion in 10 years -in fact, they even added approximately 1,000 MW to the power system. Hence the CJP angrily remarked,

“You people only talk and never do work”.

The CJP further stated that the people of Karachi are not bound to cover up all the losses of the country. They do have an equal right to utilize as well as spend.

” Do you have any what people go through when small homes are without electricity the entire night? Women curse you”.

The Chief Justice addressed Alvi,

“You people are defaulters all over the world. What happened to you in London? You were arrested and made to pay by all possible means”.

Accordingly, CJP Gulzar Ahmed called upon a complete audit meeting concerning KE. He placed the name of CEO of KE on the Exit Control List ( ECL). The CJP warned the department that he doesn’t want to see power outrage, “not even for a minute.”

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