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American actress/comedian, Tiffany Haddish, revealed in an interview with Dr Anthony Fauci, that she tested positive for COVID 19.

Night School star interviewed Dr Fauci, head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, for her YouTube channel. She discussed COVID 19 in general and its vaccine, how the pandemic has affected the black community and about her own diagnosis of the disease.

She revealed that she has been tested for COVID 19 twelve times. The 40-year-old actress said that she contracted the virus several months ago. She said:

I was working on a movie, and someone in the movie contracted coronavirus, right? I wasn’t in direct contcat with them, but they sent all of us home. We have stopped the movie. Then they suggested that I go get tested. I went and got tested, got the results like two days later. They said I didn’t have the coronavirus.

She further added:

Then someone else I know, who was around like a week before, they contracted the coronavirus. So I went and got tested again. Anyways, I pay for the test, I get the test a seconf time. I’m not feeling any symptoms or anything; it comes back two days later and they say I did have the coronavirus.

Haddish said that she got tested for antibodies and she had them. Later, after several tests, she was clean with no virus or antibodies.

She even jokingly added,

So I think I’m superhuman.

In the 34 minute-long video, the pair also discussed the precautions to avoid the disease. Dr Fauci, who was also White House coronavirus adviser, said:

Sit a certain distance away and avoid crowds.

He talked about the common misconceptions that went viral at the start of the pandemic and still people believe them. Dr Fauci said that leading a healthy life, good sleep and exercise are things that people should focus on other than the use of herbs. He added:

Those are the best things that are so much better then a bunch of herbs that really have never been shown to do that.

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