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India reported a case of rape of an 86-year old grandmother in Delhi. The police have arrested the perpetrator in his 30’s.

The Head of the Delhi Commission for Women Swati Maliwal is in charge of the case and she reported the horrifying incident to the media.

The Tragedy Of The Grandmother Described By The Delhi Commission For Women

The nightmarish event occurred on Monday evening. The old lady was waiting outside her house for her milkman. Subsequently, the attacker approached her.

The attacker weaved a smart web to trap the victim. He told her regular milkman would not be coming today. Moreover, he was there to take her to the milk shop where she would be able to purchase it for herself.

The rapist took the 86-year old grandmother to an isolated farm area and sexually assaulted her.

Ms. Maliwal stated that the old lady kept begging him to stop but the criminal paid no heed to her pleas.

Ms. Maliwal said to the BBC News,

She kept crying and begging him to leave her. She told him that she was like his grandmother. But he ignored her pleas and assaulted her mercilessly when she tried to resist and protect herself.

The local villagers heard her cries of pain and arrived quickly. They handed over the perpetrator to the police and helped the grandmother.

The reporter Ms. Maliwal had a one-to-one meeting with the victim. She described the encounter as “heart-breaking”.

Maliwal gave a heartfelt statement when she informed of the old lady’s tragedies,

Her hands are totally wrinkled. You get a shock when you hear what she went through. There are bruises on her face and all over her body and she told me that she had vaginal bleeding. She is suffering from extreme trauma.

Furthermore, the Head of the Delhi Commission for Women has appealed for the death penalty for the attacker. The Head described the criminal as ‘not human’.

Swati Maliwal said,

I’m writing to the chief justice of Delhi High Court and the lieutenant-governor of the city to fast-track the case and hang him in six months.

India – NSFW (Not Safe For Women)

India has become a hub of rape and sexual harassment crimes since 2012 when a 23-year-old physiotherapy student faced gang-raping on a bus in Delhi.

The rapists were hanged later on yet the increased observation of sexual assault crimes has not diminished the numbers.

In fact, in opposition, Mr. Modi had described Delhi as the “rape capital”. However, after coming power, Mr. Modi has mostly stayed silent over the issue.

Despite the introduction of rape laws after the 2012 event, campaigners remark that they observe no marked difference.

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