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Two men allegedly gang-raped a woman at the Gujjarpura area near Lahore on Tuesday night, leaving her stranded.

The woman was going back to Gujranwala from Lahore with her children via the Sialkot-Lahore motorway. But, as she crossed the toll plaza, her vehicle ran out of fuel and she stuck there on the motorway.

Thus, she informed her relatives and was waiting for them. Also, she called the Motorway Police’s emergency helpline 130 and asked for help, but they refused to provide any assistance. Further, she was told by the operator that the emergency beat had not been assigned to anyone.

In the meantime, two unidentified men came on foot, sighted her, and attacked her vehicle, said the sources. According to Geo News, they smashed the windscreen of the car. They manhandled her and her children into the fields nearby, and then they gang-raped her.

However, the police have reportedly taken all relevant details regarding the ambush and rape. Further, the police state that they will use all cameras and resources to find the culprits. Additionally, a sketch-artist has drawn up a potential image of the 2 men.


While speaking to the police, the woman further revealed that they burgled her for 100,000 rupees. Subsequently, they fled the premises after taking money, jewelry, and ATM cards.

Moreover, the Gujranwala police stated that they have no jurisdiction over that particular area.

The Government of Punjab Takes Notice

On September 9, at 11:04 pm, the Twitter page of the Government of Punjab reported the incident saying,

The Chief Minister of Punjab has taken strict notice of the woman rape incident near the motorway. The CM Punjab has sought the case report from the Inspector General as well as instructed the police to arrest the culprits involved in this heinous crime as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said,

Inshallah, the oppressed woman will receive justice.

Rapists Need to Hanged Publicly

The incidence of rape cases has rocketed recently. People believe the only solution is to hang the rapists publicly.

The news of a woman getting gang-raped on the motorway is absolutely terrifying, furthermore, it was done in front of her kids. Completely BARBARIC! These inhumane creatures need to be publicly hanged and punished to death. There is NO other alternative.

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