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The United Nations Security Council called an urgent 15-members, closed-door meeting to discuss the on-going situation in Kashmir on Wednesday. The council members highlighted the concerns of the International communities about the Indian atrocities in IIOJP.

The Council managed the third meeting on the Kashmir siege day within 72 hours of Pakistan’s request, says Foreign Minister.

“This 3rd meeting in a year by the UN Security Council serves as a stark repudiation to the Indian claim that Jammu and Kashmir is an internal matter. It further reaffirms the validity of UN resolutions on the Kashmiri’s right to self-determination through an impartial plebiscite.” Mr Qureshi said in a tweet after the meeting.

Dian Triansyah Djani of Indonesia, the Council’s president for August presided the meeting. China, the permanent member of the UNSC, played a significant role in organizing the conference.

Discussion On The Situation of Kashmir:

The UN Secretariate and UN Military Observer Group representatives briefed the Council about the current situation in IIOJK, says the Qureshi. Also, The council members debated on the illegal actions of India and the continued oppression of the people of Kashmir.

The Foreign Minister urged India to reverse its unilateral actions and stop human rights violations. Also, he asked to remove the restrictions and restore the autonomy of the territory.

Moreover, Pakistan’s minister expressed gratitude to the UNSC members especially China for its support in organizing the meeting.

“Today, as the world witnesses one year of India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir, Pakistan welcomes meeting the UNSC meeting. This is a mark of the international community’s and UNSC members’ solidarity with the Kashmiri people who are facing a savage military siege,” the foreign minister said.

Kashmir Issue:

Kashmir is the disputed territory claimed by both Pakistan and India. However, it remained unresolved since the partition of the sub-continent in 1947. In addition, three wars were fought by the two nations over Kashmir.

On August 5, 2019, Indian administration revoked article 370 and other provisions from the Constitution, scrapping the state from its autonomy.

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