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Who is Uzair Baloch?

Source: Dawn

Uzair Jan Baloch is a Pakistani gangster. Former crime lord from Karachi. He was a key figurehead of Karachi underworld and gang war in Lyari, in 2012. He also worked with politicians and law enforcement officials to run a multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise.

JIT (Joint Investigation Team) has prepared a report against Uzair Baloch. Which stated that he admitted to killing 198 persons including officials of police forces and Rangers and many others.

The investigators listed the names who had carried out crimes including killings gang war opponents and policemen. Habib Jan Baloch, Habib Hasan, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla and many other names were also mentioned in the JIT report.

Source: Pakistan Today
Uzair Baloch remained in the Pakistani military’s custody for more than three years. His role in the damage of Karachi and his relations with various political parties especially the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), has been known for years.

Why is there a sudden interest in Uzair’s case again?

The ruling party of Pakistan (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) committed efforts to start criminal investigations against politicians involved in the damage of Karachi.

Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi, a leader of PTI who had taken the Sindh government to court to make the JIT findings public three years ago. As was apparent from several of his tweets.

To expose relations between Pakistan people’s Party (PPP) leadership and Uzair Baloch, Ali Zaidi released a video of Uzair’s friend Habib Jan Baloch, this Saturday. He said that crime and politics have gone hand in hand and Asif Ali Zardari and his followers have been exposed by Habib Jan.


Source: Twitter handle of Ali Zaidi

Habib Jan Baloch was a dear friend of Uzair Baloch. He told after Layari operation of 2012, PPP approached Uzair Baloch and paid him Rs50 million in cash. After this Uzair Baloch rejoined PPP.

According to Habib, the PPP government after coming under pressure distanced itself from Uzair Baloch. He added, “Then you saw Qaim Ali Shah also went there (to Lyari), so did Sharmila Farooqi, so did Faryal [Talpur] Sahiba. My office was also attacked and my brother was killed”

Habib told about the relation of Asif Ali Zardari (former president) with Uzair Baloch. “Zardari met Uzair Baloch and it was an important meeting. Uzair called me and said Zardari called him and wanted to meet him and he has to go with Qadir Patel. Zardari wanted his so-called ‘brother’ to contest elections from Lyari,”


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