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The American actor and singer Zac Efron spotted with his new girlfriend -Vanessa Valladares on September 4, in Australia’s Byron Bay.

Apparently, the two met in July when Vanessa was waitressing at Byron Bay’s general store & café. The actor was introduced to Valladare through her boss at the café. Since then, the two have reportedly spent the summer together. Last week, both spotted together while returning from a ski trip to Thredbo.

Their love affair confirmed when the 32-year-old was photographed with the 25-year-old Vanessa Valladares while grabbing their lunch and were holding hands together.

Zac Efron with Vanessa Valladares
Source: Birthday Wiki

According to People Magazine,

Zac met Ness earlier in the summer. They started hanging out in July and recently took a ski trip together. You can tell that they are having fun. She spends a lot of time at this house.

Zac Efron is Planning to Move to Australia For Good

Moreover,  Zac Efron has reportedly rented a house along the coast of Belongil Beach in Australia. Meanwhile, he is house hunting in Bryon Bay in order to permanently settle down in Australia.

A source reported to People Magazine,

It really seems he plans on staying in Australia permanently.

About Vanessa Valladare

Vanessa Valladare is professionally an Australian model, but she has simultaneously taken several odd jobs. She has worked with Australian brands like Love St., Of the Sun, and RVCA. In addition, she lives in Bryon Bay i.e. a small town in Australia.

According to her Instagram posts, Valladare likes to travel a lot just like Efron. She has shared photos of herself traveling from a trip to India to Indonesia and more while appreciating different cultures.

In another post, before the COVID-19 outbreak, she had planned to travel to Africa, but unfortunately, that did not eventuate.

Packed preparing to leave to Africa. My flight was scheduled to take off today, now wake up to a rapidly changing reality… Embrace change. I choose to surrender and continue to be love, observing, growing and expanding. I’m limiting my phone use, gaining knowledge, empowering myself, remaining present. Let us lean into this chaotic creative place.


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